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Mothers Teach Your Daughters established a “No Gang Tattoo 4Me” outreach, through clinical services, which is able to be offered at no cost. Rinehart, Larson and White perform these services to help encourage “change is possible from the inside out”.



breast• Breast Areola Cosmesis:
“Do Unto Others”
Mothers Teach Your Daughters offers a re-pigmentation of the areola, at no charge, for all women who have dealt with breast cancer. This unique medical aesthetic service is generally paid by insurance companies for $1200.00. If, a woman has insurance, she still may have a co-payment of $400.00. Rinehart practices “The Golden Rule,” James 7:12, “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sum up the Law and the prophets”.


An endowment has been established at Central Texas College for young girls to obtain a 81177991college education in nursing and aesthetics.

An endowment has been placed for Austin Community College for Job Corps girls and boys to receive an education of their choice.

• Jesus Hope and Love Homeless
Jesus Hope and Love Homeless Shelter in Killeen are supported by MTYDCP program.