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Building a strong community of women for tomorrow™

Mission Statement

To provide an opportunity for mothers and daughters to come together embracing ideas from mentors; which they can in turn promote strong women for tomorrow.


Empowering mothers and daughters from diverse socioeconomic, educational and religious backgrounds to positively impact their children through the educational programs provided with the intent to give encouragement for young girls to have diversified choices in their future.


Men and Women of Faith providing innovative programs, advocacy and philanthropic initiatives for uplifting, encouraging, supporting and educating mothers and daughters to empower young women for tomorrow.

The Mothers Teach Your Daughters Community Program® encompasses a group of community diverse women mentors that are strong faith based diverse religious affiliations with a common denominator of seeking to positively impact their community through an actively reaching out process to bring mothers and daughters together in order to foster the strength of the bonding relationship and to encourage young girls to reach their dreams.

The mentors of this program are providing information, education and support in various areas of the young girl’s life. Each program is presented in a classroom style environment in order to reinforce a learning experience. Each mentor is a specialist in their given topics of information. Each mentor gives of her time, experience and knowledge through an absolute commitment to helping young girls of today to become strong women of tomorrow.

HolyCrossMothers and daughters play a critical role in helping each other explore their infinite possibilities in life. The mentors understand the undermining influences of a world in which womanhood and motherhood are being broken and manipulated. Therefore, each mentor will present specialized workshops to encourage the bonding relationship through classes on the impact of societal standards of beauty and how mothers can teach their daughters to embrace their own personalized beauty; classes on financial security; mother-daughter presentations as it relates to bringing the broken pieces to make a new circle of family; medical presentations on how a young girl body develops and becomes a hormonal wreck of emotions.

The Mothers Teach Your Daughters Community Program® will provide the teaching materials for each class and will not charge for the classes within this format. Ideally the program is a support group of women that commit their time and education to influence mothers to participate in their outside activities which both can enjoy sharing the information with each other.

Our program is unique in the selection of designated “Mentors” whom give of their time, experience, education, personal stories of their relationships with their mothers and how brokenness of the circle was healed. It is our belief that this kind of program will be set to promote an openness of feelings, questions and concerns on subjects that are unique to mothers and daughters journey.

Within this community program, our mentors will encourage mother-daughter discussions opening dialogue themes in the light of a mother’s life experiences, promoting mother-daughter closeness and understanding.

Ultimately, the Mothers Teach Your Daughters Community Program® goals are not only to set the stage for open communication on subjects that unique to women but it will not limit the age level of the young through 7 years of age to 21. We believe wherever there is a mother and daughter, no matter the age, there is an opportunity to foster a continuum of active participation and communication.