Abby White, RN

Active nursing and spiritual ministry

Abby WhiteAbby White has been a resident of Texas for 17 years.
She is a Registered Nurse and a busy Pastor’s wife.
Abby is the author of a children’s book, “Just The Way I am.”
She travels extensively to Israel and the Philippines annually.
She believes God can restore broken lives, broken hearts, and broken dreams.
  • “Just The Way I Am” Teach your daughters about the beauty they have within.
  • The Power of the Mother-Child Bond” Share your influence with the ones who mean the most – your children.
  • “Now What? The Blended Family” – How to nurture the changing family. This topic will discuss how a mother and a daughter, not only survived, but blossomed in a new marriage.

Articles by Abby White:

“The Weight of the Matter”