Shari Larson, RN, BSN
Mothers Teach Your Daughters Board Member, Secretary

Many years ago, as my parents were thinking about retiring, I asked what they were going to do with their time.  They told me – don’t worry about us.  We have plenty of interests to keep us busy.  My parents were always an example of lifelong learning and giving back.  Because of proper planning, they were able to retire “early.”
During their retirement, they built three homes, volunteered and held leadership positions in several organizations, traveled all over the world and my mom mastered three languages.
We still see that trend continuing today. Seniors are not content to be television stereotypical grandparents, watching the world pass them by. Today’s seniors live active life styles. They exercise, travel, enjoy their hobbies and volunteer in their communities.  Many enroll in colleges and universities to learn things that interest them.
Some seniors choose to continue in careers, whether working for someone or running their own business – not because they have to for financial reasons, but because they enjoy what they are doing and enjoy the sense of accomplishment and self worth they get from contributing in this way.
The fact is older Americans are doing pretty well financially — by some measures, better than the rest of us. So the elderly are holding their own with respect to income. When it comes to household wealth, too, they are doing fine.
Living this more fulfilling lifestyle requires financial security, making it necessary to plan early and wisely to avoid those common traps that can make the retirement years a struggle.
Start early, start now. Start today.