The Deception of Beauty – How Americas Beauty Obsession on Mothers and Daughters Lie

Every mother and daughter in the United States participates in a daily dance of chasing beauty whether she is aware of this or not. We are engulfed by a society that saturates our young daughters with images of idealized, air brushed and unattainable female physical beauty. Our daughters cannot escape the feeling, and rightly so, that she is judged on the basis of their appearance. Young girls learn their first ideas of “health & beauty principles” through the emulation of their own mother’s attitude and actions. As early as of the age three a young girl “believes” she is beautiful or unattractive. This is an internalized sense of beauty that becomes a core tenet of their self-esteem development that is going to be nurtured by the multibillion industries marketing miracle creams in a jar and the hands of surgeon’s scalpel.

As a result, many young girls growing into women feel chronically insecure, “ugly” and inadequate. Moreover, the diet and fashion industries are often, too willing to exploit these narrow beauty standards thereby, fostering the cradle–to-grave consumers of feckless promotion of another diet pill, another injection (paralyzing the facial muscles from being able to express the facial lines that each of us have earned), over stretched skin from surgical interventions to tighten, suck, and nip the aging appearance. To add to this horrible reality is the internet factor which permits our daughters to troll the highways of pushing more unrealistic images for them to compare their external self-image and very rarely be able to match up.  How can our daughters escape the push-pull syndrome of believing the lie that beauty comes from buying the newest fashion, perfume, cosmetic, surgery, pill, or jewelry that society promotes?

First and foremost, our mothers must begin to teach their daughters the principles of beauty that come from knowing genuine beauty comes from their heart. Do you think this is quirky? Well, it is not. It is an absolute fact that young girls can have a strong sense of self-esteem through knowing that God gave each of us a personalized beauty plan that only belongs to her! This beauty plan is based on what you put into your body, how you care for your spiritual growth and the information that is placed into your mind. This is the true brick and mortar of everlasting beauty.

I am not expressing a new issue. But, I am concerned to find our young girls do not have skin care health providers that have a professional level of clinical, spiritual and nutritional education to guide, educate and inform them with better ways to address their quest for achieving a personalized sense of beauty without destroying their bodies from the inside and out. We need an intervention aesthetics program that is coupled with an aesthetic professional providing a sound aesthetic plan for our young daughters to begin to embrace their personal beauty. God-given beauty principles can encourage our daughters not to tattoo their bodies, not to distort their facial aesthetics with piercings and to not further degrade the “Temple of the Holy Spirit ‘with concoctions that will bring down their sense of judgment which further perpetuates the depths of our daughters not embracing their personal beauty. We all can care for the outward appearance without the degradation of our mind, bodies and spirit. There are ways to not fall into the deception of beauty.

This is a series 1of 5 articles relating to the Deception of Beauty. We will explore the economic costs, health implications, interpersonal relationships and impact of societal standards of beauty pushing our daughters into an abyss of never mastering their true beauty.

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